Thursday, March 12, 2015

March 23 Leading Ladies Presents: Building a Retirement Plan that Works

Date: Monday March 23, 2015
Time: 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM, 
wine at 6:30, workshop at 6:45
Underground parking is available

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I am pleased to invite you to our Leading Ladies of Vancouver's March event! Do you know if you will have enough money saved for retirement? Join us on March 23rd if you'd like to learn how to build a retirement plan that works!

Why should finances matter to women? Canadian stats are clear:
More commonly than not, women will be on their own for at least some time in adulthood:
  • Women live longer than men
  • Women have more years in retirement
  • Divorce rates are high, and often lower a woman’s standard of living
My colleague and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ® Professional, Laura Chanin, will show you how to make a retirement savings plan. Come and learn how to crunch your numbers. 

  • Learn what income you will receive in retirement from the government
  • What are the unexpected considerations for retirement i.e. what could derail your plans
  • How much do you really need to save to have a great retirement
  • What are the various vehicles to save money for retirement
  • Go through a step by step guide to figuring out how much you need to save so that you don’t outlive your savings in retirement
Please note: We've changed our format. Doors open at 6:30, presentation will begin at 6:45, with one break and networking time at the end of the evening. 

Women may have a negative / non-powerful relationship with money, and we are here to show you that money matters are completely within your understanding and grasp. We, at Leading Ladies believe that confidence is achieved through education, and we are here to educate you in all things money related.
Leading Ladies Vancouver is led by Laura Chanin, Laura MacCormack and me. We are all extremely passionate about guiding women to financial success through education. We are professional advisors in the real estate and finance world and feel that this segment of the market is underserved. Women can be wise decision makers and great providers -for ourselves and others -we just need to build the confidence to make those decisions for ourselves. And the great news is: your current financial situation does not matter!

Join us, invite your friends, and take control of your financial matters.

Visit the Leading Ladies website for more info.