Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The growth of million dollar homes in Vancouver

We all know housing prices in Vancouver are going up, but by how much?
The more affordable houses were once on the east side of Vancouver and the houses over 1 million were mostly located on the west side. However new data shows that this trend is changing and houses valued at over 1 million are starting to flourish in the east.
Even the houses on the west side are increasing in price, with certain properties valued at over 5 million.

Blue: Over $1 million
Red: Under $1 millionGrey: Data unavailable

Total Property Values for Single Family Home Districts in the City of Vancouver from 2010 to 2015
Red: Below $1 millionOrange: $1-2 millionGreen: $2-3 millionLight Blue: $3-4 million
Blue: $4-5 million

Purple: Over $5 million
Grey: Data unavailable

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