Finding a great mortgage can be stressful and time consuming. It is my business to find you the right mortgage and negotiate with lenders to get you the best rate possible. I have the industry knowledge needed to successfully obtain mortgage financing, and additionally I do all the paperwork for you. As a Vancouver based VERICO Vivid Mortgage Professional I am compensated by the lenders, not you, and in most cases I offer my services free of charge. Call now to learn about how I can save you money..and a whole lot more!

I am dedicated to providing personalized services to meet each individual clients’ needs, working one-on-one with each client to make the mortgage process as simple and straight forward as possible, while completing your mortgage in a timely manner.  I am determined and passionate about helping my clients save time and money while educating them about the overall mortgage process – when needed, and I then outlines their individual mortgage options. My strong negotiating powers get clients the best rates and products available for their situation.

I help all types of borrowers get residential mortgage loans; the self-employed, those with a less than perfect credit, or people requiring alternative lending options. With today’s stricter lending parameters a mortgage broker is an essential part of the mortgage process for these types of borrowers. I even provides her clients with overall budgeting tips, plans for rebuilding their credit scores, as well as tips on how to pay down their mortgages faster.

Experience & Education
I studied eCommerce at Camosun College and completed a Bachelor of Business Administration at Thompson Rivers University. Upon graduating with my BBA, I began my career in real estate working with a local development company, Bastion Development Corp in Vancouver, BC. I then went on to be a Sales Coordinator with MAC Marketing Solutions, one of the largest real estate marketing and sales companies in Vancouver. From there I branched out to start my own business doing specialized marketing videos for real estate developments in the Lower Mainland. I spent the three years prior to becoming a Mortgage Broker developing my business knowledge and skills working alongside my business mentor, Karri Schuermans, as the Operations Manager for the Chambar Group, including CafĂ© Medina and The Dirty Apron Cooking School & Delicatessen.

My Retro Brand "Clever Lending"
The 1950’s were a time when kids played outside in the streets and rode their bikes to the shop for a 5-cent candy bar. Neighbours had weekend barbecues and looked out for one another.  It was a time when family always came first, sitting around the dining room table for supper every night. Husbands often worked 9 to 5, while most women stayed home with their children and managed the household duties. On Friday nights the family sat together to watch movies, such as Peter Pan, Cinderella, Lady and The Tramp, Singin’ in the Rain, Alice in Wonderland, while the teens were at the drive-in watching James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause.  'The twist' and other innovative dance moves were all the rage and Buddy Holly, Ray Charles, Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard were top of the charts. The 50’s were also a time of change and innovation that influenced the world we live in today; the first modern credit card was introduced, colour TV, seat belts for cars and more. There were no computers, no Internet, no smart phones, and no emails to answer so when the family spent time together, they were present and engaged in the moment. Life was a little simpler in the 1950's.

As a Mortgage Broker I want to work with individuals, couples and families to help them buy a home where they can create their own memories. Times are very different now, usually both partners work full time (or more than full time), sometimes at multiple jobs. We are always connected through technology; constantly checking our emails, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I want to help my clients make their home buying and mortgage qualification process simple and smooth so they can spend more time making memories. 
The music of the 1950's, the stories, the inventions, the movies are a large part of who I am today.

My Clever Lending logo was designed by Jennifer Ann Design and the retro design was the result of her design process, interviewing me about my business goals, my style of business, who I am as a Mortgage Broker.
For more music from the 1950's visit http://www.nme.com/list/100-best-songs-of-the-1950s/262449