Volunteer with Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland

I have been involved with Big Sisters for the past 8 years. Being a Big Sister has not only positively impacted the life of my Little Sister but has been immensely rewarding for me. Initially I felt like I didn't have the time to commit to 2 hours per week but 8 years have flown by. Having my Little Sister in my life is inspiring, motivating and fun! She helps me stay young at heart and keeps me grounded.
There’s a girl in your community who really needs a positive role model in her life.  Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland is always looking for women (age 19+) who are interested in developing a fun, mentoring friendship with a young girl or teen. Volunteer for just 1 hour a week as a Study Buddy tutor, 2 hours a week as a Big Sister or 8 weeks as a Go Girls mentor. Click here for info on all of Big Sisters’ mentoring opportunities!

Hosting Educational Seminars Monthly for Women - Click Here For More Info