Why Work with a Mortgage Broker?

Information alone is not enough. A professional Mortgage Broker has something far more valuable: years of experience and your needs in mind. They put the information in context, they anticipate the variables and the best loan for you. A Mortgage Broker is your essential partner in the mortgage process.


A Mortgage Broker saves you time

With an experienced and knowledgeable Mortgage Broker on your side, you don’t have to wade through complex choices or become an expert. We will help you make the smartest decisions. We will find the best mortgage product and rate for your needs.

A Mortgage Broker handles the details

We navigate through the obstacles and help manage the transaction with the lender, appraiser, credit agency, and lawyers – always with your interests in mind.

A Mortgage Broker does not charge you a fee*

We do not charge a fee for most situations.
*Some lenders, products, etc will require a fee but we will disclose this to you up front.

A Mortgage Broker gives you choice

We have access to a wide panel of lenders which gives you access to an extensive range of products and services to best suit your needs.

A Mortgage Broker helps you avoid unnecessary risk

We can identify products with unforeseen penalties, fees and charges and save you the pain of a bad decision. Some lenders calculate their penalties differently which could either cost you more in the long run should you have to for any reason refinance or pay off your mortgage before the term is over.

A Mortgage Broker has negotiating power

We have established relationships with lenders and that elevates our negotiating power on your behalf.

A Mortgage Broker works one-on-one with their clients

We work one-on-one with our clients to evaluate their specific needs, so we can determine which lender and mortgage product is best suited to our clients needs.

A Mortgage Broker will educate you

We will educate you on the different mortgage products and options available to you. As well as educate you about the overall mortgage process and assist you through this process from the beginning and throughout the entire term of your mortgage. We will help you understand the mortgage terms, prepayment policies, and how to pay down your mortgage faster. We work with realtors to help educate first time home buyers about the overall home buying process and the benefits of being a first time home buyer.

A Mortgage Broker will help you protect and build your credit history

We will help you understand your credit score and if needed we can help you work on improving it. Also by using a Mortgage Broker to shop for your mortgage for you it will protect your credit score. If you were to approach multiple lenders yourself, not only would it be a tedious process, but also each lender would pull your credit score, which can negatively impact your credit score. A Mortgage Broker will only pull your credit score once and will bring it to multiple lenders.

A Mortgage Broker will work hard to save you money

We work very hard to get you the best rate available but also to get you a great overall mortgage product with excellent terms for your mortgage needs.